My company J & A Athletics started out 13 years ago while working at Calhoun Sportswear ( another local manufacturer of t-shirts ) when our team had to purchase a ball hockey jerseys.

After paying over $50.00 for the jersey the decision was easy to make my own set of jerseys…once my jerseys were seen, every team wanted to purchase their own set. Having over 150 ball hockey teams in the area who only wore t-shirts with numbers on them, a market was quickly established for me to start doing something that I enjoyed…sport jerseys.

A reputation quickly spread and 13 years later on November 1st 2010 we launched our new store front. J & A Athletics can produce any amount of jerseys that is required, from teams to leagues of over 900 participants as well as individuals.

The difference between our company and your local sports store selling jerseys is that we “manufacture” the jerseys. The art of manufacturing has been lost in Canad… and our company is proud to be part of this business.

Yes I actually order the fabric in…cut it out using patterns…then they are sewn together…even sublimated jerseys are done right in house!!!!

There is even a cozy little store front too!!! Feel free to stop in and warm up by the fireplace on the cold days

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